WE SEEK Common Knowledge !

The everyday knowledge that 'everyday experts' share is considered to be 'Common Knowledge' to them. Regardless of how much 'Common Sense' one has, they cannot know the details that their mechanic, doctor, stewardess, real estate agent, loan officer, car salesman, hair stylist, plumber, ... etc.... knows. After all that's why we search for help or search to compare pricing from these 'everyday experts'. This video confirms our meaning of 'Common Knowledge' on our website. The value of being able to get trustworthy information, honest answers, and great service is measurable and important to you. This is part 1 of today's Blog.

We Seek Outstanding Opportunities !

This is part 2, of today's Blog post. Part 1, demonstrated what we mean by the words "We Seek Common Knowledge". In this video, we are re-emphasizing our focus on using the tools and the resources of the internet to help people make 'informed decisions' and to solve problems. There is a very intelligent labor force available that are looking for outstanding opportunities to utilize their God-given skills and talent. There are very intelligent and savvy consumers that are shopping for quality products and services. They are looking to buy from and become the long term customers of honest and hard working business owners, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. We know that providing platforms and

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